Acne Over 30 Years Old

Unfortunately, acne is not just a problem for young people. Women in their 30’s and 40’s may begin to experience outbreaks as horomone cycles change with age. This acne is often worse along the jawline and chin, and may be a response to patterns in your menstrual cycle. These pimples can be deep, painful “land mine” cysts, as opposed to surface whiteheads. Luckily, a number of solutions are available: 

Topical therapy  is the first line of defense against acne for most patients, and often works to control symptoms without further treatment. 

Oral therapy  may be necessary if topical therapy alone is fails to adequately control your acne. 

HyrdaFacials  are effective, gentle acne treatments that cleanse and extract debris and oil from the pores while infusing the skin with salicylic acid, which can help control breakouts. 

Laser therapy often results in drastic clearing of acne for many patients. Center for Aesthetics uses Aerolase treatments to treat and control acne.