Vascular Laser

Jackson Vascular Laser

The Center for Aesthetics has over 15 years of experience in treating rosacea, facial redness, and unwanted body veins. We use unique laser treatments for these skin conditions. During your consultation, our board-certified medical provider will assess your specific condition and make recommendations.

Vascular Laser Treatment

Cutera XLV+ treatments are comfortable and usually have no downtime although some bruising or scabbing is possible. Usually, more than a single session is required to achieve optimal results and sessions usually take 15-45 minutes depending upon the body area being treated. Long–term maintenance is always necessary with excess skin vascularity.


Your Partner Through the Journey

At CFA Beauty Jackson, we promise to be your guide and personal cheering section through the years, counseling you on the best ways to prevent and address age-related concerns. We pride ourselves on personalized service, and we pledge not to “sell” you any treatments just because we own the technology. We love the lifelong relationships we’ve forged with so many of our patients – and want to build that trust with you too. Contact us for a consultation and let us help you get started on a self-care journey you’ll love.