Facial Veins/Redness

Facial redness, or telangectasias, can take several forms. Some people have specific inflamed veins around the nose or on the cheeks and chin, other people have a more diffused “blush,” and many suffer from “acne rosacea,” a condition involving inflammatory pustules and pimples. As part of your consultation at the Center for Aesthetics, we will diagnose your condition and make specific recommendations. However, it is important for you to understand that these conditions are not permanently curable. Your symptoms can be controlled with treatment, but without regular long-term maintenance your condition will recur.  

Topical Therapy may be an option for you, but results are often limited. While there are some promising new prescription topicals available for rosacea patients, the actual amount of improvement with topicals alone is usually not enough.  

Laser Therapy is the most effective way to treat excessive facial veins or rosacea; these lasers actually close off the unwanted vessel by heating and coagulating the blood column.