Leg Veins

Leg veins often become more prominent after pregnancy or with advancing age. Regardless of the cause, the surface “spider veins” which you see is usually the result of varicose veins deep within the leg muscle. During your consultation at the Center for Aesthetics, your medical provider will assess your specific condition and help you select the best treatment plan. Varicose veins may need to be addressed prior to successfully treating the superficial spider veins.

Aerolase is a form of laser therapy, the most effective way to reduce the appearance of leg veins. These lasers close off the unwanted vessel by heating and coagulating the blood column. Usually, it takes two to three sessions to achieve the desired results, and there is often some healing associated with laser treatment for leg veins, involving bruising, discoloration, and occasionally scabbing. The Center for Aesthetics recommends that laser therapy for leg veins be performed during winter, to allow for healing time as well as to prevent hyperpigmentation on the treated areas due to sun exposure.